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SANKOFA (San-Koh-Fa) is a word from the Ashanti/Akan people in Ghana and translates to “Go back and get”. It is visually represented by a mythic bird with its head turned backwards with an egg in its beak, or as a stylized heart. Sankofa is a symbol for the understanding that in order to ensure a strong future you must return to collect and understand your past. This understanding resonates with us and has truly inspired us as we write the story for Sankofa Beer. 



Kofi Meroe

Kofi has lived in Washington, DC since 2012. Born in the United States and raised mostly between Nigeria and Ghana, he’s the type of guy that likes his beer with his jollof. He is a University of Massachusetts - Amherst alum with a professional background in hospitality management and commercial real estate. Kofi’s eclectic interests are brought to light in the Sankofa Beer recipes that he creates. When he’s not experimenting with beer, he’s focusing his passion for business and entrepreneurship, working with his co-founder to build a sustainable craft beer brand that will make a statement. Building relationships with people and creating environments where connections can be made is an important part of the Sankofa Beer Company ethos and Kofi is determined to keep it that way.

Amado Carsky

Amado has been living in the Washington, DC area since 2011. Born in the United States and raised mostly between Nigeria and Benin, he enjoys a cold craft beer after training capoeira. He graduated from the University of Maryland – College Park with a B.S. degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. He has a background in design and construction management of utility capital improvement projects. Amado is always working on a new build for the Sankofa Beer homebrew operation and testing the equipment. He has a passion for the brewing process, and the infinite flavor combinations available. Amado is committed to making Sankofa Beer a trendsetting beer company that will resonate in the soul and inspire a craft beer revolution


Kofi Meroe, Co-Founder

Amado Carsky, Co-Founder

DJ EASY, Resident DJ

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